I'm on my first week of meal prep (not counting the 3 days that I tried last week) and so far everything is going well. I'm enjoying the entire process - from planning to grocery shopping, to cooking and storing my food. I decided to prep food good for 2-3 days only to ensure that the food will not spoil.

When I'm not doing anything productive, I browse Instagram accounts for inspiration. I admire the dedication and the thought that these personalities put into what they do. Of course, the photos look better than selfies hands down. 

I am also reviving my food prep IG account @foodinmylunchbox. Today, I am going to share with you 10 healthy-eating Instagram accounts that I follow and you should follow too.

3. @fitwomeneat

(türkce altta) Weekly lunch&dinner Meal Prep💜💛💚. . Hey everyone! How did I prepare my meal prep this week? I highly recommend you to read my blog post today!!! I write everything step by step and give lots of tips about meal prepping🤗. What do we have on the menu this week?👀. . 1️⃣Ground Beef with garlic, onion and parsley-Brown Rice-Steamed Broccoflower. 2️⃣Red Quinoa-Chicken Mince with garlic, onion, celery stalk, chili powder and soy sauce-Steamed Orange Cauliflower. 3️⃣Purple Cauliflower Rice-Grilled Chicken-Mashed Potato with caramelized onions. . If you want tips how to prepare meal preps, check out my Blog!(Link in bio⬆️⬆️⬆️). . Have a good one😘❤ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Herkese merhabaaa! Haftalik Öglen&Aksam Yemegi icin Yemek Plani💜💛💚. . Bu hafta yemek planini nasil yaptim? Bugün blogta sizlerle adim adim bu haftaya hazirlanisimi ve bircok faydali tavsiyelerimi paylastim!Öncelikle bakalim bu hafta menü de neler varmis?👀. . 1️⃣Sarimsak, sogan ve maydonozlu Kiyma-Kepekli Pilav-Buharda pismis Brokoli Otu. 2️⃣Sarimsak,sogan, kereviz sapi, aci toz biber ve soya soslu Tavuk Kiymasi-Buharda pismis Turuncu Karnibahar. 3️⃣Mor Karnibahar Pilavi-Karamelize soganli Patates Püresi-Ceri Domates. . Eger siz de yemek plani yapmak istiyor ve nasil yapildigini merak ediyorsaniz Bloguma göz atin!(Link profilimde⬆️⬆️⬆️) . Harika bir gün dilerim hepinize 😍😘🤗
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4. @mealpreponfleek

5. @paleo_newbie_recipes

6. @lovelivingwhole

7. @ljadeparker

8. @fitnessfitjess

have been having too many unhealthy snacks & cravings lately so gonna try to detox this week! 🙆🏻 i have a formal school event this friday & i needdd to fit into my dress 🙈 hopefully this meal prep will do the trick! 🔸breakfast: made fresh every day 🔸lunch: roasted veggie bowls (brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes 🍠, carrots 🥕 -not pictured) 🔸dinner 1: wild sockeye salmon 🐟 on a bed of cucumbers 🥒, red onion, edamame, corn 🌽, green onion, avocado 🥑 + brown rice 🍚 + pickled ginger + seaweed 🔸dinner 2: satay chicken 🍗 w soba noodles 🍜 🔸snacks: @siggisdairy yogurt 🍦, fruit 🍑, @rxbar, & @perfectbar 🔸casey: i'm trying to prep some simple dishes for my boyfriend bc he works almost 12hrs a day! 😳 this week is just spicy chicken thighs 🍖 w brown rice 🍚
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9. @cookbycolor

10. @lucasfitfrench

I will be looking for more Instagram accounts to follow so if you know anyone you would like to recommend, please leave a comment below. I need inspiration!!! Wink! Wink!

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  1. I knew it. As soon as I started scrolling down, I knew I was going to start feeling the hunger pang as I have not had lunch yet and it is almost 1pm. But anyway, I like the post itself, for the simplicity and showing gorgeous food shots. I have been tinkering with IG for the past weeks and have brought down my follows to zero to see how it affects the engagements, and other metrics. Pretty soon, I will be following a few too, not food, though. I guess accounts with good nature shots.


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