Today we celebrate my daughter's second birthday. My husband and I woke up a bit late but VS woke up a few minutes later than us. I entered her room and sang a happy birthday song but she seemed clueless. I don't really think she understands the concept of birthday celebrations already. 

Two years ago today, I delivered my daughter through cesarean section and my life has completely changed. I've grown so much as a person and I never imagined that I could love another human being as much as I love my daughter. She's my greatest blessing, she's my source of inspiration. She is my well of happiness, she is my fountain of love. 

We had a simple brunch today - bottle gourd with mackerel and tomato sauce, bagnet (crispy air dried pork) with mustard leaves, mongo soup, palitaw, and papaya slices. For dinner we had finely sliced cabbage and baked Korean BBQ chicken. I had a cup of coffee in between and a bag of Cheez-It! We aren't celebrating the little one's birthday yet because we already planned for a pool party on Sunday at our village's clubhouse. We're all excited! 

I watched an episode of Revenge Body hosted by Khloe Kardashian and I kinda like it. I was supposed to drink tea while watching but I decided to have a cup of brown and creamy coffee instead.  I can't wait to have my period back so I can start working out. I can't be doing strenuous workout after what happened to me last month. I'm just watching what I eat now so I still reach my 22-pound weight loss before our Europe trip. I'm challenging myself to meet achieve this goal so I'll have more stamina to walk around Denmark and Czech Republic and maybe Austria too. I also need to lose weight so we can be successful when we TTC again. 

I'm watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon while writing this and I find Jimmy funny without trying so hard. I'd love it if we were friends. I'd probably pass gas so much in a day because of laughing so hard every time we have a conversation. I'd love to have tea with him and we would talk about random things. 

I'm not yet sleepy yet so I'll probably stay up a bit longer and plan what we will do tomorrow. We planned to watch Fifty Shades Darker but I'm not so keen at braving the weekend crown at the malls. Maybe we'll schedule it on Monday. I'll keep y'all posted! Ciao for now.

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