Okay, so you might be wondering what the title of this blog post is all about. It's actually a statement uttered to me by an employee at a government agency where I transacted a claim this morning. I didn't know how to react after I heard him say it. That was after I returned my papers to him to reevaluate because he did not approve my application for reimbursement because he said I lack a document. 

Let's rewind the story a bit. I went to the same government agency last week to submit my medical documents and I was advised to return back after a week. Apparently, that is how long it would take for them to evaluate a stack of documents that has six (6) pages in all. I did not complain and in fact, I did not voice out my concern. I complied and returned today. I sat down in front of the documents receiver and she informed me that my medical documents were declined because I lack one important document. She said I needed to submit a dilation & curettage procedure report. I told her that I did not undergo the procedure and my medical certificate specifically noted that. She asked me to go to a certain cubicle and present my documents again to the doctor. 

I entered the doctor's cubicle and I submitted my papers to his desk and asked why my papers were not approved in a very polite and inquiring way. He briefly scanned the documents and told me that he needed to see the D& C report. I told him that I could not pass the document because I did not undergo said procedure as my miscarriage was considered to be a complete non-induced abortion. He looked at me and said, "I'm a doctor so I know." I did not know how to react. I didn't think it was necessary for him to shove to my face that he was a doctor. If he knew, why would he disapprove my application in the first place? Did he even scan all the documents I attached including the medical certificate signed by my OB-Gyne noting that I did not undergo the D&C procedure because it was not needed for my case? I actually thought the 7 days wait time for them to process my papers was too long already. I thought they would use that time to check the authenticity of the documents by calling the hospital. He further scanned my documents for a couple of minutes noting the date of my first ultrasound confirming the pregnancy and the last ultrasound noting that there was no sign of pregnancy anymore. It took him 2 minutes or 3 minutes tops. He approved my papers in front of me. 

Can somebody remind me again why is there a need to wait for 7 days, when in fact, he can simply scan my papers and approve it in under 5 minutes? 

Anyway, I didn't respond negatively to him. I just needed my documents signed so I can go to the next step. The next step is another story and I will wait until I finish the whole process before I share my entire SSS reimbursement experience. This situation reminds me of the fact why I hate transacting with government agencies/institutions. They always find a way to make you feel like you deserve all the wait time and all the hassle. Apparently, our government agencies are a pro at providing this level of service. 

After the SSS transaction, I walked about 3 blocks away and went inside the Pag-Ibig/HDMF office and I was shocked at how many people were inside. There were no less than 300 people if I'm not mistaken. I lined up to speak with one of the front liners and there were around 50 people in front of me. I was too tired and too hungry when it was my turn already so I only managed to request for the forms I needed to accomplish so I continue being a voluntary member and decided to just come back another day.

I guess I'll use a few days to think if I really need to continue being a member or just forget that this government agency ever exists. Or maybe I'll use a few days teaching myself to be extra patient because after all, I live in a 3rd world country where automation of transactions so citizens can enjoy the benefit of advanced technology, is not a primary consideration. I hope and pray that the national ID system will be implemented and that paperless transactions will be the norm soon. 

Have you experienced situations like this in other government agencies?


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