I was supposed to go to bed already but I chanced upon this video of Erwan Heussaff teaching us all how to correctly pronounce common French brands. I practically had this on repeat. I don't know about you but I find that the French language is the most pleasant to listen to. 

Now you know how to order when you shop. Keep this video handy ladies and gents!

Thank you, Erwan! 

I've been meaning to study French but I keep putting it off. I'm signed up for the French online classes through Allison courses. I hope I'll be able to find time and start.


  1. I think I read alongside him hahaha... I took up the Level 1 french course in Berlitz before but I wasn't able to continue because none of my classmates (there were just 4 of us) wanted to, and there you need to have classmates of course so they would make the classes available (not unless you can afford to pay it all on your own). French sounds really sexy but when I was trying to learn how to speak it sounded anything but sexy to me. I'm gonna go and rewatch Erwan's video, I gotta master the pronunciation of these brands.

  2. He's just so dreamy. I have seen this a while back and also Nico's video. Both are so funny. But, I'm always distracted by how he speaks and how his eyes sparkle when he speaks. Anne's version is quite the jest as well. It was very entertaining!


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