Hello friends! I hope you're having an awesome day today. My husband and I decided to stay home today instead of braving the crowded metro. We initially planned to watch Fifty Shades Darker but we opted not to go because we don't want to be caught in traffic jams or be ambush interviewed by TV networks lurking around hoping to bump into a juicy story by lovers out to paint the town red today.

Anyway, for the single ladies out there, have you watched Erwan Heussaff's guide to pronouncing French brands correctly? Check it out and I'm sure you'll thank me for sharing.

We had a mini-photoshoot with Summer outside our house and we managed to take a few good shots although it was a bit windy and sunny. My uncle was there to assist but no one was able to manage to fend off the strong winds. Sobrang mahangin sa labas besh!

Ang pangit talaga ng mga exposed na wires ng kuryente pati cable at iba pang utilities. I can't wait that all these wires will be burried underground.

Eto pa isang problema sa aming street. Isa syang malaking parking lot. 

"Mommy, please tell the wind to calm down!"

"Mommy, please tell Mr. Sun to chill!" 

I did not post a photo of a bouquet because well the husband did not give me one. Haha! He gave me roundtrip tickets to Copenhagen instead. He's more practical than romantic and I'm cool with that. Besides, all the flower vases in the house are broken and flowers are passè in my book already. But if he still insisted to buy, I would have requested for a living phaelenopsis orchid.

Anyway, I wrote a blog post in my other blog as well so I hope you can visit it so you can read about valentines day activities that you can do with your kids. Be sure to bookmark it as the activities can be done even on ordinary days. 

What did you do today? Hope you had a blast!

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  1. We weren't supposed to celebrate Valentine's Day. Like you guys, we didn't want to be caught in traffic. Plus, I told my partner to save money for our summer travels instead of surprising me stuff. We were just blessed to have a free romantic dinner date courtesy of Zomato. So we were forced to go out. Hahaha! Good thing the traffic was bearable for us.

    By the way, what was the photo shoot for? And I like how your husband gave you Copenhagen tickets. I would prefer that too over any material stuff.

    -Me-An Clemente


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