I received an email from Nuffnang PH before I went to bed early this morning and I was informed that the De'Longhi showroom is only open from Monday to Saturday so I decided to pick up the Multicooker I won from a blogging contest. We went to their office a little over past noon and we were greeted with delightful smiles and accommodating atmosphere. We were offered coffee and since I have been wanting to taste their cappuccino again, I did accept the offer. It was as expected super yummy! I love it! I like it better than the one I usually buy from my regular coffee shop. Hubby requested for americano and Uncle Don requested for cappuccino as well. 

While we were having our coffee, the staff prepared the Multicooker and tested to see if it was working fine. I really appreciate the attention and the service they provide. Kudos to the lovely ladies of De'Longhi PH. In all honesty, I would love to stay in their showroom and have coffee as much as my system can take. LOL!

This is the coffee I have been dreaming about! One more cup please? If only I wasn't shy, I'd request for another cup.

The multicooker I won is the item on the topleft corner. It retails for Php16,800. I'm going to buy that gelato-maker when we move to our new house. That will be my housewarming gift for myself. Haha!

I love this little shabby chic corner at the showroom. I'd love to have something like this in our house one day.

We left after finishing our coffee and we headed to Estrel's to order a cake to bring for tomorrow's pool party. Unfortunately, the cakes allotted for walk-ins was all sold out. We were advised to come back early in the morning tomorrow to buy the cake. Hopefully, we would be there as soon as their doors open at 8:30AM. I did not order the cake with roses because they require several days lead time due to the many orders they receive on a daily basis. Let's see if I would love this much-talked about cake. We picked up a box of "food for the gods" before leaving the bakeshop. 

I'm excited for our planned activity tomorrow. I'm looking forward to see Summer wear her two-piece striped swimsuit and her favorite pink one-piece with Minnie Mouse print. 

Ciao for now! I need to wake up early tomorrow to prepare the food that we will bring as well as our bags. This will be fun! 

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