I mentioned in the blog yesterday that we stopped by Estrel's in Quezon City after our appointment at the De'Longhi showroom. We were hoping that we would be able to buy a generic cake but we were told that they already ran out before noon because there were so many walk-ins that day considering it was a weekend (Saturday). I asked if I can place an order for a made-to-order cake to be picked up the next day but I was told that the cake will be available Sunday afternoon. Ugh! We need it in the morning because we will be bringing it to Cavite so I opted to come back early this morning.

We woke up really early today because we had to pick-up the cake at Estrel's bakeshop. We just left it to chance and hopefully, we can be early enough to buy one of their generic cakes. And sure we did! We were there at 8 in the morning but decided to wait at the nearby gasoline station since the bakeshop was still closed. We returned after 30 minutes and there was a line already. I can't believe how this bakeshop managed to attract a steady stream of clientele since 1949. I'd love to have a business like Estrel's as well. Oo, first time ko bumili at makatikim ng Estrel's caramel cake kaya excited konti ang Lola nyo. 

We got the cake and paid Php700 for the 8-inch round cake with pastel mini flowers scattered all over. The cake was very simple and it has a subtle elegance to it. So I guess, it's true what they say, simplicity is beauty. Each cake is made up of two layers of chiffon, caramel filling, caramel icing and piped flowers. It looks old school - unlike all the bells and whistles of current cake design trends.

We ordered the variety with filling para lasang-lasa ang caramel. The cake was delicious but I would have preferred it to be a little bit sweeter. Medyo matabang sya for my taste. It tasted fresh too because Estrel's bake their cakes on the same day. Everyone enjoyed the cake though and we managed to eat it all in less than an hour. I just wish they have a branch in Makati so I can order again without the hassle of going to Quezon City.


I was not able to take a photo at the store because I was a bit underwhelmed that the bakeshop did not have cakes on display. There were only boxes of desserts displayed inside a glass case such as food for the gods, baked leche flan, apple squares and chocolate chip walnut cookies. Since I am a big fan of food for the gods, I decided to buy a box and compare it with my favorite from Mary Grace.

There was a table adjacent to the dessert display case where employees take orders for their much-raved caramel cake. They show photos through an iPad as they discuss the dimensions, additional cake decor, prices and pick-up dates. I'm not sure if this is a business strategy because their order process really makes their cake more wanted thus probably increasing the demand. According to their website, in order to maintain quality, they only operate in one kitchen and it's only recently that they started baking a limited number of round cakes to cater to walk-in clients.

The bakeshop is located at the corner of Scout Tobias and Scout Limbaga Streets, Brgy. Laging Handa in Quezon City. They are open all day including holidays from 8:30AM to 7:00PM but closes earlier on Sundays at 5:00PM. If you want to place an order, here's how. The current home of the famous caramel cake is the old house of the founder, Estrella Ylagan. The old house was torn down and the address now houses a 3-storey building dedicated to the production of the cakes. The structure was designed by Architect Gelo Mañosa.


Estrel's pride itself in producing cakes using only fresh ingredients with no preservatives that's why they recommend consuming the cake on the same day but can be refrigerated for up to two days.

I love how shiny the caramel icing is. The caramel glaze is expertly distributed around the layers of chiffon cake. You can taste the caramel in every bite because it's quite generous. It's so decadent. I can't stop shoving the cake fork into my mouth. If I am mindlessly eating the cake in front of the television, I could probably eat all of the 8-inch cake. You won't feel guilty at all because it's not that sweet at all.

Is the Php700 price worth it?  I personally think it is but I think it would not hurt their business if they decrease their price for the 8-inch cake to about Php500. Would I repurchase? YES, only because I think the caramel tastes so decadent and the chiffon is light and fluffy. It's a perfect dessert without feeling too guilty.

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  1. I've been wanting to try Estrel's. I live quite far. I would have a difficult time though getting it early. Hopefully, I get to try it.


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