I have not updated this blog or my other blog because I have been a little busy with the new venture that I sank my teeth into. I started meal prepping about a month ago and I was able to influence my Uncle to try it too. I cooked for the two of us and it didn't take long before his officemate took notice and asked if they can order food from me too. I thought long and hard about it and finally decided to bit the bullet and we are almost done with Week 3 of our meal delivery. 

Just to give you a little background, I love cooking and baking but I have no formal degree in culinary or food technology nor am I a dietitian. I, however, have the basic knowledge of food preparation because my mom teaches food technology and baking in a state university. I have also attended a few classes in Enderun Collages (preparing 5-course meal, macaron making, among others). I also had an extensive discussion about food and the benefits of choosing food/ingredients with low glycemic index with a dietitian at the St. Luke's Medical Center - Global City when I was pregnant with my daughter because I had gestational diabetes. Apart from the scenarios listed above, I am such a voracious reader online and offline that I have done research and still doing research on food pairings and flavors, use of herbs and spices, use of grains apart from rice, and I also love experimenting my way in the kitchen. 

I still remember winning cooking contests in my elementary and high school years. I have also often volunteered to cook for the Girl Scouts in my school in high school when we go camping. When I was younger, I would watch as my mom patiently pipe icing and make sugar flowers for wedding cake commission works. She did it old school without the requisite stand mixers used today. 

I've never really envisioned myself to become a chef but when I watch Masterchef, I try to remember the techniques applied and the advises given by the mentors/judges. I dream of joining a Masterchef competition in the Philippines also but I don't think I will ever win because first I don't have a sob story and second the winner would oftentimes be the result of text votes. Heck, it's a money game that's considered instead of the expertise, progression, and skills of the cook. Maybe if we ever decide to move to Denmark in the future then I can join Masterchef Danmark. For now, I'd take my time and practice and learn how to perfectly julienne a carrot or cucumber using only the knife. 

Imagine my happiness now that I get to play not just the role of an executive chef but also a sous chef, a dietitian, a dishwasher, an expeditor, a line cook and a caller? I'm just glad that my uncle takes care of the delivery to his officemates in one of the offices in Makati. All the other orders are delivered via GrabExpress until I find a delivery guy that would handle all our deliveries.

Life really has a nice way of surprising and challenging you and this is my big surprise this year. Having a business like this is not part of my 2017 goals list but I love a little challenge every once in a while so this is the perfect challenge to grab and go. 

I will write another blog post about my meal prep business in the future and not now so this post won't sound like I am promoting my business through blogging. Maybe soon but not now... 

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