This blog space was born today, February 10, 2017. This blog will be my online space for all the things that I cannot write on my main blog, When I started my main blog, I only knew the basics of blogging and now that I know better than what I knew almost nine years ago, I am going to attempt to start a new space. This blog will serve as my online diary. It will be a space where I share my thoughts while I drink my cup of tea. It will be the silent listener of my opinions, rants, and raves. It will be more personal, more honest, more candid. It will contain anecdotes, observations, and stories. I may even share some gossip who knows? Of course, I'll share my tea finds too, of course! This blog will be a window to my everyday life. 

My goal is to try to come up with a daily blog post to share with you. My goal is to document my daily experiences and a snippet of my daily life so one day I can look back and read what I've done. 

I am not moving, I'm adding. I'm not ditching my old blogs, I am expanding. 

I hope you'll join me as I journey deeper into the world of blogging. Come along...


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